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Are There Other Sites Similar To Area 51?

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Are There Other Sites Similar To Area 51? Subscribe To Life's Biggest Questions: Other Area 51 Vids 👽 It’s easy to get swept up in the fervent hype of secret alien facilities and shadowy government organisations trying to keep the wool over societies eyes by hiding the fact that the entrance to a private swimming pool, is in actual fact--an underground anti-gravitational bunker. Or you know, the parking lot for an entire fleet of intergalactic space vessels. Probably, anyway. In fact, all across the planet--there are a huge amount of those very same places, similar in essence to the legendary Area 51--and believe it or not, most of them aren’t a secret at all. And strangely enough--in many cases--these secretive, shadowy testing facilities--aren’t out there in some long, forgotten corner of the desert--but instead, right beneath our very noses. So--in that case, let’s take a look, shall we? #area51