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Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Caves!

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Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Caves! From bizarre unexplained finds made deep underground to other incredible archaeological discoveries, this top 10 list of cave discoveries will absolutely amaze you! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "DEADLIEST Animals In Africa!" video here: Watch our "Most TERRIFYING Extinct Creatures Ever!" video here: Watch our "AMAZING Animal Superpowers!" video here: 8. Poisonous Cave The Movile Cave is located on a barren, desolate plain in southeast Romania’s Constanta county, near the Bulgarian border and the Black Sea. It was discovered in 1986 by workers who were testing the ground to see if it was a suitable place for a power plant. 7. Giant Lemurs In early 2015, divers and paleontologists discovered a graveyard full of extinct giant lemur remains in a water-filled cave in Madagascar. The bones were found in Tsi-man-ampet-sotsa National Park