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Why do Men have Adam's Apple? | #aumsum

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# Why do Men have Adam's Apple
Adam’s apple is basically a protruding chunk of thyroid cartilage that surrounds our larynx or voice box. It is more prominent in men because during puberty, the larynx tends to grow more in males, than it does in females, causing the cartilage to project outwards, thus creating Adam’s apple. Note that, this increase in size of larynx is what makes the men’s voice deeper!! But, what’s the need of deeper voices? In a research, it was found that during prehistoric times males had to fight for females. So, deeper voices allowed them to appear more intimidating and dominant, thus scaring their opponent away. Now, let’s see how this deep voice is produced. As the size of larynx is increased in males, the vocal folds present within, lengthen and thicken. Hence, when males speak, the folds vibrate less per second, thus producing a deeper voice.