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Why do we have Eyebrows? | #aumsum

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Eyebrows actually serve many functions. Firstly, eyebrows protect our eyes. Without them, the sweat and rain would easily enter our eyes and hinder our vision. Also, the salt in our sweat would irritate our eyes. But the arched shape and direction of hair help channel sweat and rain towards the sides of our faces, thus protecting our eyes. Secondly, eyebrows help to express emotions. In a study, it was found that our ancestors were not able to easily move their eyebrows. But due to evolution, we gradually gained the ability to move them to a greater extent, thus helping us express a wide range of emotions like surprise, anger, etc. Lastly, eyebrows also help in recognizing faces. In a study, scientists found that participants had a tougher time recognizing famous people’s faces when their eyebrows were erased than when their eyes were erased.