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Is it possible to beat Super Mario Maker without touching a single coin?

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Super Mario Maker 2 comes out in a month, making the Wii U completely dead in the process. Now that we have to say farewell to the first game in the series, why not play all of the sample courses in Super Mario Maker while avoiding those bad coins? More in the "Without touching a single coin" series! • New Super Mario Bros. Wii Superstar Road - • Super Mario Galaxy 2 - • Super Mario 3D World - Thumbnail Mario art by ►Join TEAM BBQ and support me : ►SUBSCRIBE : ►DISCORD : ►TWITTER : ►TWITCH : ►INSTAGRAM: 🎶 Music Used 🎶 🎵 Super Mario Bros. Level Theme 🎵 Super Mario Bros. 3 Level Theme 🎵 Super Mario World Level Theme 🎵 New Super Mario Bros. U Level Theme 🎵 Literally every theme from every Mario game ever! #SuperMarioMaker #Coinles