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19 Exciting Changes In The New 1.19 Update

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This is going to be BY FAR the biggest update Minecraft has ever seen. If you thought that 1.18 was crazy, WAIT until you see what’s coming! Join my discord - subscribe or noob credits: @xisumavoid @Rays Works @wattles @BlockerLocker & r/minecraftsuggestions Hopefully this one does just as good as the 1.18 one... or better :D


this is going to be by far the biggest update minecraft has ever seen if you thought that 1.18 was crazy wait until you see what's coming number one we're getting a completely new biome called the mangrove swamp it will have massive trees with roots going deep into the ground there are no mangrove saplings instead there's a new item called the propagule man the mangrove wood has such a unique color but more on that later if you're someone who dies a lot you're gonna love the recovery compass because it always points to the location of your last death but tadusak isn't this item op well not really since to craft it you need eight echo shards those can be found in the rare ancient city which is a new structure don't worry we'll get to that soon when a goat ramps into a solid block it will drop one or both of its horns the gold horn makes a noise but if you are a real musician you can craft yourself a copper horn this allows you to play fruity new sounds crouching