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Amber Heard's Lawyer Objects to His Own Question? #shorts

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so amber heard's attorney objected to his own question i gotta see this you were not informed as to what caused damage to mr depp's hand finger on march 8 so that's objection hearsay is objecting to hearsay you're asking what they were told sustain the objection next question you didn't know what could cause damage to mr depp's hand while you were there on march 8. that's an ambiguous question you can know something by being told something or just viewing it firsthand dr kepler told me he sustained an injury on one of his faces rejection here's hearsay you asked the question oh oh boy the problem here is that he asked an ambiguous question that elicited a hearsay response i mean it's complicated it might not be here say that's a different issue and it's not that he objected to his own question it's that he objected to the testimony what he should have done is made a motion to the court to strike the answer as hearsay but effectively the judge is saying you as