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Binging with Babish: Kelp Nougat Crunch from SpongeBob SquarePants

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this episode is sponsored by cash app cash app is the easiest way to send spend and save money send or request cash from friends and family when they owe you for groceries holiday gifts or round of drinks cash up is available for anyone 13 or older download it and use code babish to get 15 for free and ten dollars will be donated to no kid hungry what's that candy machine [Music] [Applause] kelp nougat crunch [Applause] i'll only be gone a second hey what's up guys welcome back to binging with babish where this week we're taking a look at the kelp nougat crunch from spongebob a candy bar i've been dreaming about since childhood that contains only three known ingredients kelp nougat and crunch here before me i have some sheets of toasted nori i don't know if this is technically kelp or not but it's gonna bring some great oceanic flavors to our candy bar not something i ever thought i would actively seek out but here we are now for the crunch i'm going to mak