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Building a Tiny Outdoor House *because no one will build my house lol*

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i have to do a dramatic entrance [Applause] okay hello everyone today we are back we are working on our chicken coop yet again i'm going to use it as cookies kingdom a little catio it's a pretty good spot if you ask me i would say it's pretty sturdy perfection after a week's worth of work we have four walls a floor and a top of a roof i still don't know how to say roof roof or roof alexa shut up sorry that came off a little aggressive but it is a work in progress oh my gosh i forgot about the freaking eggs that's why alexa went off every day i make soft-boiled eggs for grandma and i to eat on toast eggs and you will leave at 8 30. huh i will he'll be very quiet 8 30 can't come soon enough grandma do you think i'm annoying oh she said i'm annoying she's so loud there's no filter think of all the things she said to us this morning like what i think i got even moon well i couldn't find my pants fast enough perfection typically i would do avocado on my toe