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Can You Find The Hidden Variable?

#hidden variables
#the action lab
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so first i'm going to pull up the top string you can see that it pulls up the bottom string as well and then on the other side let's do it as well pull up the top string it pulls the bottom string if i were to ask you what's going to happen when i pull this top string here you'd probably say that it's going to make the bottom string shorter so let's check and see if that's true anymore suddenly that's not true so based on what we saw initially we might have assumed that when you pull the top one the bottom one's for sure are going to move up but then suddenly sometimes when we pull this one it doesn't make the bottom one move up but it makes this one move up so we'd have to assume that there's something else going on besides what we initially guessed what was going on there must be some hidden variable that we're not understanding here we initially thought we had it all figured out that it was just a straight string going through but it's obvious that that's