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Defunctland: The Bizarre Garfield Dark Ride

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In this minisode, Kevin dives deep into the history of Kennywood's Old Mill and the infamous Garfield overlay, Garfield's Nightmare. History Sources: David Hahner Jr. - Brian Butko - Boaz Frankel - Video Sources: Historic Pittsburgh - David Hahner -


[Music] [Music] in the mid-19th century in the northeastern region of the united states there was a new pastime that people could not get enough of picnics while picnics had been a french pastime for over a century americans did not begin to indulge in the practice until the early 1800s and then it was almost exclusively for the upper class by the mid 19th century though people of all means were packing a basket finding a picturesque location and sitting on a blanket to enjoy a meal maybe somebody would bring a guitar and play some tunes maybe some couples would sneak off for some alone time maybe some guy in a boat would row by to watch everyone loves a picnic and for those living near pittsburgh pennsylvania one of the most popular picnic locations was kenny's grove a beautiful section of a farm owned by a man named anthony kenny located southeast of pittsburgh in the mifflin township kenny's grove was a popular picnic location with a beautiful view of the