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Guess The NBA Player, Win Their Jersey!

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welcome back to another video today we are doing guess the 2k nba player win his jersey now i have jesse and jeff down by the basketball court and they are going to have to beat this player in challenges to earn hints at who this is first challenge we are gonna do first to miss three-pointers so let's see green light baby this is going to be hard for them to gain some points because they are literally versing this man [Music] they only have to make two three-pointers in a row to get a hint all right boys the first challenge is consecutive three-point talent who wants to go first i'll go first i'm not gonna tell you what this player's score was you get one attempt damn you got this chef there's one of them that's it there's one of them you guys only made one yeah so did this nba player so i'm giving you both the hints let's go let's go he averaged 8.5 rebounds okay okay that's why he only made one in a row makes sense back to 2k for the next challenge we a