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In this video I share my best budget saving tips for how to save money on groceries. Fight inflation with these tips to save money on food. FOODIE JUSTIN SENIOR FOOD BOX PROGRAM #frugalfoodie #howtosavemoneyongroceries #howtosavemoneyonfood #savemoneyonfood #extremegrocerybudget #extremegrocerybudgetchallenge #budgetmealplan #budgetmeals #ardentmic


[Music] hello friends and welcome back to another video if you're new to my channel hello my name is michelle i'm a frugal foodie on a budget i enjoy making good eats for as little money as possible today i'm exploring all the ways i've been able to save money on groceries [Music] the extreme budget challenges have been my most popular videos unfortunately i've heard from a lot of viewers that are struggling to make ends meet i've had many requests for this type of video and with the increasing inflation i thought this video might be especially helpful right now some of these are fairly basic tips and some are probably going to be a little controversial i'll put those tips towards the end of the video and now without further delay let's get right into it without a doubt the best way to save money on groceries is to make a budget not only does this step give you control over your monthly spending but it requires that you plan your meals in advance which is g