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I Built a 1500HP Big Block Mustang for Burnouts

I built a really powerful Mustang for burnouts. Merch: ADD ME ON Instagram:​​ Facebook: Awsome parts:


australian burnout competition guys i've always thought i did epic burnouts but on the bottom of the world in a place called australia they do burnouts a little bit differently because for them it's not just something they do for fun it's a competition it's a sport it's a test of who can take and build the biggest baddest big block blowered cars in the world and who can burn rubber with the most style and here's the thing guys they're kind of putting us to shame and i just can't let that happen and that right there is where i bring this bad boy i bought another 2.3 liter ecoboost mustang now you guys might remember what happened the last ecoboost mustang we bought something kind of similar is going to happen to this one she's going to go from a meek and mild 4-cylinder that does i mean i don't know what it does it does something to being a absolute burnout master that's enough of that let's go tear this thing apart the thing is when we decided to do a burnout