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I FINISHED CHEMOTHERAPY (emotional surprise ending)

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After 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 5 extremely challenging months, we are ELATED to say that we have FINISHED CHEMO!! Get 30% off your first order and free shipping with my code BEC30: (Offer expires 7/31/21. Applies to US & Canada customers only. See site for full terms). This video is sponsored by thredUP! On December 21, 2021, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer after months of appointments, biopsies, and misinformation. Since then I have shared my


today is the most exciting day of 2022 for us it is my last oncology appointment to check in before my last chemotherapy session yeah wipe her tears and whales i think that's probably the happiest patient anyone's ever seen [Music] there he goes i have so much energy i'm so excited [Music] before i started chemotherapy i was so intimidated by the whole process so i wanted to show you guys everything step by step what it's all like show you how wonderful my nurses are and of course ring the bell together so come along okay i actually don't have that much energy hey everyone are we excited good yes [Music] this week we have my sister joining us she was actually here in january for my very first chemo treatment and so now we're rounding it out eh yeah we're finishing this we're doing it i honestly can't believe five months ago i just couldn't picture myself at this point and yep i'm gonna cry so there's gonna be enough tears in this video i'm shutting t