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I Gave My Parents $100,000

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all right guys um today is probably one of the most special and biggest days of my life when i started doing like social media in 2016 uh shortly after that when i was getting into like golf youtube i saw a video on youtube of like that mr beast posted he gave his mom a hundred thousand dollars and like i watched that and it like it just really hit home for me because i was just like one day i just hope that i'm able to do that uh for my parents as well and thankfully because of all your guys's support everyone in good good calling behind the camera right now bobby grant literally everyone micah steven matt chase louise max i miss anyone there's so many now i got them all okay i think i got them all just all of good good in general uh everyone who's watching the videos like i'm kind of i honestly i'm kind of getting chills right now because it feels like bubby was telling me he he was saying like i probably feel surreal and it really does like for me today fe