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I went to see Morbius 5 days in a row

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[Music] oh oh my god i swallowed the teeth oh oh god i swallowed the teeth morbi morbius the film of this century the first movie to make a trillion dollars 214 on rotten tomatoes could there be a better movie to ever come out yes because that is what meme culture is doing to morbius right now because it is a terrible movie i'm sure all those jokes will be old by the time i upload this video and they'll be even older when somebody re-watches this in a year and they're like what the hell is more be a sweep good old morbius is sitting at a 16 critic rotten tomatoes score if you're not a mathematician i'll just let you know that's bad that's really bad it's got an audience score of 71 but it's also impossible to decipher whether this is a joke or not because of all the morbius memes i think we're all getting into some comic book fatigue you know even if you care about comic books and comic book movies there's just so much out right now that you can't possibly