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Inside Travis Barker's Tranquil Modern Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Today Travis Barker welcomes Architectural Digest to Calabasas, California for a tour of the understated, modern home he shares with his growing family. It's been a busy spring for the perpetually in-demand musician - Barker recently produced Machine Gun Kelly’s latest album Mainstream Sellout (which hit #1 on the Billboard charts) and is currently in the studio working on his own label DTA Records, a joint venture with Elektra Music Group. When he decided it was time to refresh the feel of the


hey what's up a.d i'm travis barker we're in calabasas california welcome to my home [Music] okay so this is my living room the vibe of this room and my house really was just like zen and i come home from long tours or long nights at the studio just a place to rest my head and this room is also filled with some of my favorite artists two of which are raymond pettibone and west lane raymond petty bone like created the black flag bars along with many other cool punk rock graphics i like to do a lot of phone calls in here photo shoots turn the fireplace on and chill there's also like a painting over here that is my five favorite albums that changed my life that courtney got me for christmas last year this used to have a wall with windows and waldo fernandez decided to knock it down and just create doors that open and you could see straight to my pool in my backyard so i bought this house about 16 years ago when i bought it the way it was designed wasn't my favo