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Kendrick Lamar on Unreleased Music, Fan Theories, DAMN, Ranking His Albums, and Family | ICYMI

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Throwback to when Kendrick Lamar visited the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about "DAMN," capturing emotion in music, losing 500 unreleased songs, his first live show in DTLA, and fan theories. Plus, Kendrick spoke on his relationship with his mother, the original album name for "DAMN.", and he ranked his own projects. Watch the full interview from 2017 below. Kendrick Lamar on Damn., His Sister's Car & Being The G.O.A.T. | BigBoyTV SUBSCRIB


how many unreleased songs do you have in your head or that we haven't heard yet thousands i don't lost hard drives damn really hard drives from 05 06 we never got back took it all the way to san francisco to get it fixed never got fixed but welcome back to the neighborhood man thank you for having me you i'm gonna tell you man at one point when you were saying oh big i don't know if i'm gonna blow up and i'm thinking about getting off the bus and i told you i said man stay on the path it's coming you did that and look at us now look at us now all right you know i can't always try to be responsible for a piece of your of your success like man i told him man you get that every day yeah oh yeah hell yeah but how is it now man you know what i'm saying and not that that that there's no struggle or whatever you know what i'm saying but but how is it now has there been a difference a change from the last five years to today not just record success but just life and