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Kyrie Irving 'promotes' himself to a management role for Nets next season | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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Despite a disappointing end to a rocky season, Kyrie Irving says he's sticking with the Brooklyn Nets... but not just as a player. During a presser after the Nets were soundly swept out of playoff contention, Kyrie divulged that he sees himself more in a managerial role next season, and alongside Kevin Durant and actual manager Sean Marks, he intends to manage the franchise. Nick Wright tells Chris Broussard and Kevin Durant why the idea of Kyrie managing the team is ridiculous, and not what he


really i mean [Music] here's the thing what do you want to say bro i don't know give himself a promotion to co-general manager that's how about that kyrie irving started his next tenure assigning himself assistant head coach and after an all-time flame out of the season terrible postseason so much uh commotion if you will caused directly by him he surveyed the landscape and was like you know what i think i deserve a raise and a promotion i'm gonna get more money more years and a better title that's what he's doing he's like yeah i'll be i'm gonna opt out i'm gonna get the long-term deal and i'm gonna help build the roster i kyrie i've watched all of his press conferences and he actually brew seems sincere and i want to meet him halfway but he is so delusional about his complicity in this about his responsibility to the nets what it is and more importantly what it isn't and who where he is in the basketball universe and some of that's not his