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London: The World's Dirty Money Laundry

#tax haven
#ordinary things
#city of london
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london concrete upon thames the big grey nearly 9 million people live here many of them spending half their paycheck to live in a rat-filled bedsit above a tesco just to call themselves a londoner a mostly subterranean species of british person that only cares about money or status and hates anyone with more money or status than them the puckering center of this anus town is backed up with snail-paced tourists illustrious landmarks and chain restaurants that sell steak made of shoe leather you'll get some better food and breathable air down south of the river but you'll also be jostling for space with ketamine snorting students who are protesting the gentrification of the neighborhoods that they're currently gentrifying to the north you'll find art industry snobs living in million pound townhouses living four doors down from drill rappers who are bragging about the murders what they done last tuesday the east is stuffed with bankers euro trash wankers and cockn