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Most Expensive Airplane Ticket!

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what would you buy if you had infinite money in the world well just watch this video to see the ridiculously stupid things you could buy we're gonna start things off small with the world's most expensive chocolate bar this is a louis vuitton gold chocolate bar it's how much a hundred dollars why would you buy the world's most expensive chocolate bar when you could buy the world's best chocolate bar hey festivals that's not even why we put this here it's edible gold wow oh and it comes in a box a louise the 13th grand gold bar i know my roman numerals i'm gonna be honest that's a little cheap now the most expensive water in the world didn't we literally buy this and drink this we bought water from the same company but i think ours was only eight hundred dollars apparently this is eight thousand dollars wow uh not this guy oh look at his shirt he's an anime reference what a nerd all right let's see [Music] that's fake sound effects bro the bottle's not even hig