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okay okay hey guys how's it going uh i know some of you guys probably have some questions right now uh as you guys know i've been doing youtube for over 10 years now my channel turned 10 years old last year in september and i've been uh you know i've been doing the gaming thing for a long time and uh it's just had me thinking recently like what's what's next um i feel like i've kind of done all i can here and uh so i've just been trying to figure out what to do and i finally made a decision uh and so with all that being said after many months i've decided that the wildcat channel will actually be going nowhere it's actually going to stay exactly the same that's right i'm going to upload just as many videos just as much it's going to be fun it's going to be great but i'm also gonna be launching a brand new irl channel and i need your guys's help to get it off the ground let me show you why [Music] we're gonna have new videos every sunday at 12 p.m central we'r