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New Clan Capital - Update Explained!

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A Guide to the New Clan Capital Update in Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming explains Capital Gold and Raid Medals as well as upgrading and attacking within the Clan Capital. In the first update sneak peek the first 3 districts are introduced; the Capital Peak, Barbarian Camp and Wizard Valley. More new troops, spells and districts will be explained in future sneak peeks. However for this one I wanted to stick more to the in game tutorial on exactly how the new feature works. I will be sure to br


the clan capital update sneak peeks are here let's begin with the tutorial and then i will explain things in a lot more depth because you can see the airship behind that is going to take us across to the clan capital as explained here by honestly i don't even know this guy's name but once you click on the airship this mountain is your clan capital so long as your clan is level 2 and you are a town hall 6. all great clans build together and battle together i'll be introducing all of this throughout the video how do you upgrade these villagers how the attacking works as multiple people attack the same village let's just keep going because i will explain everything in the video let's start at the very top this is your capital peak now when you start it is obviously level one the stronger you make the capital hall the more districts will be unlocked that is the villages you seen underneath the capitol peak on that main map each district has different buildings and i