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Nobody told me *THE BATMAN* was Hilarious?

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hello troublemakers welcome back to another movie commentary monday batman i don't know why my voice just hit that register i don't know i was i was gonna be like batman but then my voice was like no thank you i wanna go up here we're gonna watch batman today guys hi how does that sound i'm actually very excited to watch this movie i've been waiting for months i wanted to see this but i held off because i have great self-control which is a skill of mine self-control one skill that i don't have is ironing shirts i i just i don't know how like it just they won't come out i tried steaming i've tried ironing i just it doesn't work i'm gonna need you to get off my case one person that's not gonna get off your case is batman see how i break that full circle we're back on topic get it case cause he's like a detective high level commentary here baby i'd like to make a toast batman what's going on oh crime is that arkham is that arkham asylum am i just saying words tha