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Rare Top Mounted Micro Drone // $129 // DarWinFPV TinyApe

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Running the latest micro from DarwinFPV around unfamiliar yard developments. TinyApe FreeStyle - Direct - Banggood - AliExpress - 🔥Daily FPV Gear🔥 ► Goggles Orca FPV.One 💣 ► Charger SkyRC Q200 QUATTRO ► Radio I use RadioMaster Zorro Zorro @ Amazon


hello everyone today we're taking a look at the darwin fpv tiny ape freestyle freestyle as in top mounting because we can't possibly freestyle a bottom mounted battery no we can freeze down whatever we want and have some fun it comes with darwin fpv 1103 8 000 kv motors and on those motors our gem fan 2512 three bladed props camera is the run cam nano four we've got the darwin fpv all in one down here that has an f411 it's a 15 amp 2s flight controller all in one unit and that big beefy vtx up there yes that is power switchable from 25 ml watts all the way up to 600 milliwatts all in one board comes with a betaflight flight control software as well as bluej esc firmware and express lrs is built onto the board but it's version one so you either have some updating to do to get to version two or maybe you're still on version one got a capacitor out back 3d print holds on to our two antennas vtx control link it also gives our xt30 a little bit of a house got a ru