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The Champions: Season 6, Episode 3

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#world cup
To help him escape a world with no football, Ronaldo must seek help from Messi… 🤝 The Champions will return in November for the World Cup 🌍


we're gonna have to rip another hole in the space-time continuum leo look i made it leo i don't have time for this just please tell me how to get to the mansion mansion a mansion where you and 800 of the world's most elite football players and their managers live together under one roof what is football there's no such thing called football [Music] what happens when 800 of the world's most elite football players are not football players because they live in an alternate universe where football doesn't exist not much this is the randos i have destroyed fine dining me i did it i made the tasting menu without an entree i call it the false mane okay it's tapas i reinvented thomas hi i'm phil i'm 21 and i'm from stockport get me in that villa man i'm sorry do you think this is love island uh is it not no it's not even an island oh crumbs working in hershey park's not so bad maybe if the peanut butter cup gets hurt they'll make me starting mascot yo thanks for c