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the *MOVIE THEMED* Fortnite Fashion Show...(5/5)

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these are the 12 best fashion show players and they've won one of these four fashion shows whoever wins this fashion show gets one thousand dollars the first level is simple each team will be provided with three changing and the host controls whatever theme or skins we have to use the first thing to lose twice is eliminating all right your first theme is movie skins with no orange you guys have five minutes go all right let's go let's go let's go okay uh what do we go with ghostbusters okay i have a ghostbusters game i have pke ranger dude this is so stressful okay i think we're just ghostbusters all right everybody time is up let's see those combos all right time is up i hope merc likes our theme this is scary starting with team one no horn this looks like the first avengers movie and obviously there is no orange on any of you i'm looking around i don't spot any but the combos look clean the backplates don't really fit the theme of the movie they fit the skins