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The Next TATI BEAUTY launch ... 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Yikes ... can't believe I had to make this video, but this needed to be addressed. Thanks for your support, love you all so much. xo's Tati 😇 BEST HAIR & SKIN EVER! 🥝 » » » ▸ WATCH NEXT: 🔥 MEGA SEPHORA HAUL Vlog! 🤔 New Drugstore Makeup…Hit or Miss? 🏠 NEW HOME TOUR: ▸ LET’S CONNECT Instagram: @glamlifeguru Twitter: @glamlifeguru http://twitter.


hey guys how are you doing today we're gonna have a very interesting chat i'm sure that you by the thumbnail and the title you're like what oh my gosh what is happening like i must see what i didn't think i was going to get to see so we're gonna be talking about uh some what do i even call this i don't want to say it's a scandal but it's kind of like a little bit of a scandal like maybe a baby scandal uh not that i'm loving that not loving it you know i like brushed the drama off of me and i'm still kind of i think having to do a little of this a little of this and just keep moving through my life this new chapter uh maintaining my peace and not getting like hopped back into being like oh my gosh the sky is falling because i really ultimately kind of wanted to feel that way with what we're about to talk about have a look at today also disclaimer if i can put like a little beep like a little disclaimer here i am having legal watch this video and if i overstep an