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Times I should've realized I was autistic

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since finishing this video ive been officially diagnosed so ye B) more resources: - ASD in adults: - RAADS-R Test: ▶ THE TEAM: AUDIO EDITOR: Cory STORYBOARDS + LAYOUT: AceofStarz BACKGROUNDS + ASSETS: Oskar


about a year ago i was diagnosed with adhd also known as awesome disorder hot dog uh no it stands for attention deficit hyperactive disorder yeah i know however since i've begun to tame my adhd i notice there's still something something different about how i interact with the world and i've always felt that something ever since i was a kid and looking back on it now i think that something is autism autism or autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that impacts the nervous system and impairs the ability to communicate and interact at least that's the like definition quick disclaimer as you watch this video and learn about my specific symptoms keep in mind that yeah you could be somewhere on the spectrum too but please also understand that these symptoms are a lot like ingredients to a recipe so just because you've got some tomatoes in boiling water doesn't necessarily mean your brain's making spaghetti it could be making ravioli or lasagna or any o