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Tinder In Real Life!

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today i'm going to be going on 50 dates at the exact same time hey how's it going hi i'm megan it's nice to meet you okay i can't do this this um i'm going to bring my buddy jack in here okay hello hi i've actually got a little surprise for you just hang out right there okay i'm trying to find jack love today because he was a crowd favorite in our previous dating video and after making it to the top five he was viciously rejected by my own sister rejected i need to like understand romance but i don't get it so not only am i helping him find true love but i'm also helping him get over his painful awkwardness around women hey ladies you guys can get in a straight line jack you guys can choose 25 people right now wow oh it's so hard because this around he only gets to judge just based on looking at him why would you do that i don't know okay um hello hello oh jack [Music] um [Music] [Music] sorry wow does jack have a type are we picking up on anythin