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World's Largest Squid Game Honeycomb Candy Challenge In Real Life!

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this is the world's largest squid game honeycomb candy in whichever one of these 20 people removes the shape first wins 45.6 grand but if you break the cookie you're eliminated for round one everyone gets a regular sized cookie but every round the cookie gets bigger until we try the world's largest honeycomb candy i'm freaking out right now zach i'm terrified rules are simple cut out your shape don't break your cookie you have 10 minutes why is everybody grouping into groups right now like i don't have a group got real real quick each contestant will get a needle and they have 10 minutes to remove the shape from the cookie knowing there was 45.6 grand on the line definitely made tensions high [Music] mine is all cracked up in the center eight minutes left but after a few minutes people started removing their shapes okay i think i'm done you're good you're good ben you're good all right you're done this is so not no i'm done you're good yes i just spit and