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Science & Technology:

trinamiX - 3D Imaging with material classification

trinamiX developed a new approach to improve the security of user authentication. By extracting 3 data streams from 1 system: a 2D image, a 3D depth map, and a unique material classification, trinamiX adds a new dimension of reliability to object- and user-recognition on low system complexity. The trinamiX imaging system can be used for mobile devices, consumer electronics, AR/ VR, and automotive applications. For example, it improves the security of face authentication solutions in smartphones and it enhances the object detection of bin picking in robots. The material information is extracted by means of the patented technology Beam Profile Analysis. Beam Profile Analysis is an active measuring principle. That means, the object to be measured is illuminated with a light source that is emitting a regular dot pattern. The reflection of each light spot is captured by a sensor (e.g. a CMOS camera) and the specific characteristics of these reflected dots, the beam profile, is then being analyzed. trinamiX